Solar DC system

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The machine for free warranty for one year, the lifelong maintenance. More than warranty or transportation, improper use and man-made damage, or damage caused by natural disasters and other irresistible force, are out of place in the warranty. If you have special instructions in the contract, the contract shall prevail.

Product accessories (factory default standard, including customized model) : 6 w component 2 + 7 ah battery 1 blocks of 1 + 1 + 5 meters components line wled bulb 2 + E27 screw lamp holder and 5 meters cable 2 set + multi-function mobile phone charging line 1 set + 1 set of simple components support

Product structure diagram
Installation and use diagram

Model configuration
Model/parameters JNB1206 JNB1207 JNB1209 JNB1212
Battery capacity 4AH/6AH 7AH 9AH 12AH
Solar panels to power 6W 12W 16W 16W
Solar panels voltage ≤25V ≤25V ≤25V ≤25V
rated working voltage 12V 12V 12V 12V
Under voltage protection 10.8V 10.8V 10.8V 10.8V
Owe pressure recovery 12.5V 12.5V 12.5V 12.5V
Strong charging pressure 13V 13V 13V 13V
All charging pressure 14V 14V 14V 14V
Float charging voltage 13.5V 13.5V 13.5V 13.5V
Maximum charging current 3A 3A 3A 3A
maximum discharge current 3A 3A 3A 3A
No-load loss ≤8mA ≤8mA ≤8mA ≤8mA
USB Port current ≤500mA ≤500mA ≤500mA ≤500mA
Working temperature -35℃~55℃ -35℃~55℃ -35℃~55℃ -35℃~55℃
Using an altitude 3000米 3000米 3000米 3000米
Product size 200*126*126 200*126*126 200*126*126 200*126*126

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