3000W-48V200AH Solar power generation system

Service commitment

The machine for free warranty for one year, the lifelong maintenance. More than warranty or transportation, improper use and man-made damage, or damage caused by natural disasters and other irresistible force, are out of place in the warranty. If you have special instructions in the contract, the contract shall prevail.

Product accessories (factory default standard, including customized model) : 6 w component 2 + 7 ah battery 1 blocks of 1 + 1 + 5 meters components line wled bulb 2 + E27 screw lamp holder and 5 meters cable 2 set + multi-function mobile phone charging line 1 set + 1 set of simple components support

Performance characteristics

1. The battery charging function: during the day, the inverter control machine can continuously store the energy of the solar panels to batteries, can adjust the charging current according to battery voltage, in order to prolong the service life of battery, the inverter control machine also has the function of floating, keep the battery in a full status for a rainy day. In addition this all-in-one prevent reverse charging battery at night to solar panels.

2. The battery undervoltage protection function: use inverter for you for a long time power supply will lead to a serious loss of battery voltage, greatly influences the service life of battery. This machine can be shut in the storage battery voltage drop to 43.2 V dc output, 42 V closed ac output. In order to prevent the over discharge of battery damage.

3. The battery over-voltage protection function: the normal input voltage of inverter for 48 V, if the input voltage is greater than 61.0 V, inverter will take protective measures to prevent the high input voltage damage to the machine itself.

4. The overload protection function: when you access the appliance is overmuch, total power over rated capacity of the inverter, it will stop working for 10 seconds, locking protection status, and report to the police, until you reduce the load, and the inverter power switch to "OFF" position more than 10 seconds, and then back to "ON" position, inverter to restore work.

5. The short circuit protection function: when your home appliances internal short circuit, inverter will stop working within 1 second, and lock protection status, and report to the police, until you remove the short circuit of household electrical appliances and the inverter power switch to "OFF" position more than 10 seconds, and then back to "ON" position, inverter to restore work.

6. Temperature protection function: when you load is more, the poor ventilation or the climate is hot, the temperature inside the inverter will gradually rise, if the temperature continues to rise to 100 ℃ inverter will stop working, and lock to protect state, suggest you reduce the load or improve ventilation environment, inverter power supply switch to "OFF" position, after being internal temperature decrease, and then to "ON" position, the inverter has come back to work.

7. State indicating function: is there a fault indicator, inverter instructions, and multi-function LCD or pointer meter display, let all the condition be clear at a glance.

8. DC5V and DC12V output: dc output port for your dc charging devices and power function.

Operation method
  Before installing and using the machine, please read the following safety precautions and related content carefully, and be operated in order to avoid danger after fully understand its contents! Please follow the following method:

The machine before install and use, please read the following safety precautions and related content, in rear can operate fully understand its contents, thank you for your cooperation! Please click the following method:

1. Prepare related installation tools (e.g., wrench) and accessories, such as dc power cord, and check the installation position of the machine is in line with the requirements of security considerations.

2. Check whether the battery or the battery voltage is in the scope of the requirements (see the technical parameters of this manual), confirmed the positive (red) of the battery or battery, battery anode (black mark) and machine input connection cable (red) of positive and negative connecting cable (black).

3. Disconnect the circuit breaker on machine, shut off the inverter power switch.

4. Connect the camera battery input is red cable connection the positive (red) battery or batteries, battery input negative black cable connecting battery or battery cathode (black), to ensure the reliable and strong joint connection, banned the battery is negative reverse connection, this ban any conductor will short circuit battery positive and negative plate, please carefully check the robustness of each joint, such as the connection is not tight may cause local overheating and burning.

5. Closed circuit breaker on machine, if the battery is enough, the dc output port can normal power supply, LCD header will be a normal instructions. Open the front panel of the inverter power switch, the INVERT indicator, ac output socket can use electrical power supply for the universal (pay attention to household appliances generally rated power, not more than inverter power rating)

6. Use solar panels mounted outdoors for the position of the sun, and solar panels output leads to machine the solar panels on the input (distinguish is negative, the solar panel cables by the current should not be greater than 3 a/was) at this time if the sunny, LCD meter charging status indicator.

Note: please strictly according to the instructions for installation, circuit breaker is only in the case of a major fault will automatically disconnect, please don't disconnect circuit breaker after system normal operation. If have to disconnect, please be sure to first removing the solar panels input. Install again, first close the circuit breaker, and then connect the solar panels.

Parameter setting
Parts of the goods specifications model note
Solar energy components 2000W Single crystal Optional polycrystalline
battery 48V/200AH colloid Optional lead-acid
Charge controller 48V/50A PWM
inverter 3000W Pure sine wave Optional fixed wave
panel configuration Two ac socket 2 dc interface Two USB interface Ac/dc switch 1 meter head / 1 ampere meter head
environment temperature -25℃~+55℃
Using an altitude ≤5500m(2000 m above the need to reduce power use)
Environmental humidity 0~90%,No condensation
weight 1.15KG
Overall dimensions 800*500*1400
Can be used for reference in the electrical appliances use time Electrical name power number Continuous working time note
Energy-saving lamps 5W 10 10hours
TV 70W 1 8hours
Satellite receivers 25W 1 8hours
fan 20W 1 8hours
computer 100W 2 8hours
fax machine 150W 1 1hours
printer 250W 1 1hours
washing machine 300W 1 0.5hours
refrigerator 100W(150L) 1 24hours

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