350W~600W inverter

Product features

By using pure sine wave ac power frequency transformer, output, ability to adapt to the load

Automatic high and low pressure adjustment function (AVR), 145 v ~ 275 v ultra wide range input, output and high precision, automatic voltage regulator, can adapt to any extreme voltage conditions

Intelligent charging, the charging current can be adjusted according to configure battery the size of the size of the fast and reliable, and can improve the battery life

Intelligent LCD output voltage, frequency, battery capacity, failure, overload, load, etc

The user can through RS232 or USB communication software programmed to realize unattended, automatic timing shutdown function

Power supply time according to different requirements of arbitrary configuration

Can adapt to any bad power environment

But in the case of mains automatically boot, use more widely

Advanced automatic constant current charging circuit, extend battery life

Has the perfect battery under voltage, overload, short circuit protection function such as all-round protection, safe and reliable

Scope of application

Transport equipment series: military vehicles, police car, ambulance, ships, traffic lights, etc

Industrial equipments series: solar energy, wind power, gas discharge lamp, etc.;

Office: computer, printer, copier, scanner, digital camera, etc.;

Kitchen utensils series: microwave ovens, induction cooker, refrigerator, etc.;

Home electric equipment: electric fans, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning, lighting lamps and lanterns, etc;

Series of electric tools: electric saw, drilling machine, punching machine, air compressor, etc.;

Product technical parameters
model XD-NB 35112 50112 60112
Nominal capacity 350W 500W 600W
battery 12V/24V

Size (length x width x height) 345×210×122或345×120×165
Packing size (length x width x height) 385×270×185或396×170×210
net weight(kg) 7 8 11
Gross weight(kg) 8 9 12
General parameters
input voltage 145V~275V
frequency 45Hz~65Hz
output voltage 220V±2%(battery model) 
frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz
output wave type Sine wave
output waveform distortion ≤3%
charging 5A-15A(adjustable)
show LCD
Conversion time <4ms
environment noise ≤50dB
temperature 0℃~40℃
humidity 10%~90%(No condensation)
efficiency ≥80%
protect overload  Overload, 110% for 30 seconds machine automatic shutdown; Overload, 120% for 2 seconds automatically shut down; Grid pattern overload not shutdown, buzzer alarm
short circuit Output short circuit, the buzzer of nights, machine automatic shutdown after 20 seconds
battery High and low voltage protection
reverse The battery reverse connect protection (optional)
alarm A When the normal work of the mains, machine no alarm; When the mains failure, the machine in the battery working state, buzzer every 30 seconds sing 4 times
B Battery low voltage secondary alarm, buzzer is called a per second; Battery mode, machine malfunction, buzzer sound
C Overload, buzzer sing once per second
note Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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