High end wind solar hybrid controller 10KW

Product introduction

My company produces the electricity integration complementary controller, is a collection of solar energy, wind energy and the integration of the intelligent charging system control equipment. Equipment can be controlled to protect wind turbines and solar panels to intelligent charging the battery. Equipment appearance generous, liquid crystal indicator intuitive and easy to operate. With overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheating and short circuit, lightning protection, PWM unloading, overpressure automatic braking, reverse connect battery and open circuit protection perfect protection function. The core control component is made form the ATMEL original micro control chip, power device, the use of the high quality German XYIS imported components. The power machine with high efficiency, high charging efficiency, low no-load loss. Through a large number of practice has proved that the system is safe, stable and reliable operation, long service life. High performance/cost ratio.

Product description

Performance characteristics

PWM uninstall: PWM (pulse width modulation) approach to uninstall, namely can reach thousands of magnitude of unloading. So, in the normal unloading situation, can always ensure the battery voltage stability in float charging pressure points, but excess energy release to the unloading load. To ensure the best battery charging features, makes full use of the electricity, and ensure the service life of the battery. Many kinds of charging modes: using PWM fast charging method.

The battery reverse connect protection function: the equipment is perfect the battery reverse connect protection function, such as the battery positive and negative polarity, the controller will ban started, in order to avoid damage to the battery and equipment.

Internal short circuit protection function: controller using unidirectional power supply circuit, such as reverse connection or short circuit, the controller will not be able to start.

Overheating protection function: in addition to the unloading resistance is equipped with a cooling fan, inside the other equipped with dedicated circuit cooling system, when the temperature reaches set point will start the forced air cooling system.

High stability: because the system has the overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheating and short circuit, reverse, lightning protection, battery open circuit protection, PWM, unload and perfect protection functions such as over-voltage automatic brake, so as to ensure the stability of the system.

Wind/solar charge control: simple structure, convenient maintenance.

Wind and photovoltaic (pv) separate control, wind adopts PWM method uninstall, photovoltaic unloading by way of open circuit.

LED display LCD + battery parameters such as voltage and charging current and discharge current

Digital intelligent control: the core device using powerful single-chip microcomputer to control, the peripheral circuit structure is simple, and flexible and powerful control mode and control strategy, and to ensure that the excellent performance and stability.

Product technical parameters

model JND-W9610K JND-W12010K JND-W24010K
The fan power rating 10KW

Solar power rating (corresponding to the fan power) 3000W

Battery voltage rating 96v 120v 240v
The overcharge protection voltage 115.2v 144v 288v
The overcharge recovery voltage 112v 138v 264v
Display mode LCDshow

The control mode PWM

No-load loss ≤6mA

Charging pressure drop ≤0.26V

Put the voltage drop ≤0.15V

The environment temperature -25℃ - +55℃

Size of the controller 440mm×366mm×166mm

The controller weight 8KG

Uninstall the box size 400mm×235mm×295mm

Uninstall the box weight 20KG

Cooling way Air cooling

In order to better serve customers, our company and configuration parameters can be adjusted according to customer's requirement

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