Lawn lamp, garden lamp, insecticidal lamp, 3A 6V12V solar controller (with rain control function)

Product introduction

This product is a new generation of intelligent solar charge controller, it has strong stability and high service life. This series has the function of automatically detecting the battery voltage, charging PWM mode and comprehensive protection function: the overcharge, discharge, over current, short circuit, reverse, etc.


Product features:

1, this controller has the household and street lamps in the integration of design.

2, this controller is suitable for the 6 v / 12 v battery system.

3, this controller has the electric control (street).

4, this control has the overcharge, discharge, over current, short circuit, reverse connection protection measures, etc.

5, scientific and rigorous design, use high grade protection means.

Have strong imitation, balanced, floating three-step PWM adjust charging ways.

Product description

Product technical parameters

model JC0603/JC1203
The rated voltage 6V/12V
Strong charging pressure 7.4/14.8V
Balance charger 7.25/14.5V
Float charging voltage 6.85/13.7V
Under voltage protection 5.4V/10.8V
Owe pressure recovery 6.5/13V
No-load current ≤6mA
Charging circuit of pressure drop ≤0.2V
Discharge circuit of pressure drop ≤0.1V
Maximum charging current 3A
Maximum load current 3A
The controller to protect Overload, reverse connection, discharge, overcharge, short-circuit and so on
Charging way PWM control mode
Using an altitude ≤5500m(2000 m above the need to reduce power use)
Working temperature -20℃~55℃
Weight (gross weight) 0.035kg
Product size (dimensions) 79.5mm*52mm*21.5mm
Protection grade IP22
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