24V/48V (30A-60A) MPPT solar controller

product description

  Solar energy MPPT controller is specially designed for solar power generation system; Equipment can not only efficiently along the electrical energy from solar panels to charge battery, but also provides a powerful control functions. Characteristics: this controller is intelligent to adjust the working voltage of solar panels, the solar panel always work in V - A characteristic curve of the maximum power point. Compared with ordinary solar controller, solar panel power utilization ratio increased by 10-30%. This controller USES solar panels to intelligent charging the battery. When solar panels power more than battery storage capacity, automatic cut off the charging control system, thus to ensure the best battery charging features, make full use of the electricity.

Product description

Product technical parameters

The performance characteristics and protection function

Pieces of intelligent design, simple structure, control, powerful, stable performance, safe and reliable products.

Selects the MPPT charging ways, charging efficiency than conventional PWM method has more advantages

Choose large size LCD display, all parameters are visible when the users use

Humanized button operation function, all parameters can adjust itself according to the requirements of customers, convenience for the customers in various environments

In pieces with multiple output state setting function, often power/power/period of time the custom properties

Mixer LCD battery voltage and charging current

Pieces of digital intelligent control.

Perfect protection function:

Solar energy meter, charging and other bad light at night, under the condition of storage battery voltage of the voltage may be higher than that of the solar cell array. This controller with the counter-attack charging way, in order to prevent the battery reverse filling on solar cells.

When the battery reverse connect protection after the battery, be equivalent to short circuit, will produce a great instantaneous current. This controller when accidentally reverse connection, fuse in the circuit will automatically fuse, make the whole battery circuit disconnect, thus effectively protect the battery and the device

After long-term use of battery open circuit protection, the battery can be open or poor contact. This controller after the battery open circuit protection device itself may not be damaged

Overload protection controller will automatically cut off the circuit in the overload situation.

specifications JNMPPT
The rated voltage 24V 48V
The input power 720 960 1200 1440 1500 1920 2400 2880
charging charging 30 40 50 60 30 40 50 60
charging All charge 28.8V±1% 57.6V±1%
floating 27.6V±1% 55.2V±1%
All charge recovery 26.4V±1% 42.8V±1%
Temperature compensation 48mV/℃
A put Disconnect the 21.8V±1% 43.6V±1%
estore 24.6V±1% 49.2V±1%
overpressure Cut off the 32.0V±1% 64.0V±1%
restore 30.0V±1% 60.0V±1%
No-load current ≤0.1A
Voltage drop ≤0.5V
Maximum input voltage 60V 100V
The control mode The maximum power point tracking MPPT (charging efficiency more than 30% higher than a PWM type)
Display mode liquid crystal LED
Display parameters Charging voltage, current, power battery
Protection type Lightning protection, solar cells, the counter-attack charging protection, storage battery open circuit protection, after the battery protection
The cooling way radiator
The environment temperature -25℃~+55℃
Using an altitude ≤5500m(2000 m above the need to reduce power use)
Environmental humidity  0~90%,No condensation
weight 2.4kg
volume     180mmx180mmx110mm     

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