MPPT boost type solar electric vehicle controller

Product features

1, the highly effective way of booster MPPT charging.

2, system powered by solar panel power supply, reduce the power consumption of the battery.

3, LED status indicator.

4, digital tube display real-time charging current, battery voltage, and solar energy input voltage, running status be clear at a glance.

5, complete the overcharge, the counter-attack, meter, and short circuit protection.

6, 12 v, 6 w output DC load, the USB output and humanized design, users can be connected directly to the USB interface to charge their phone.

7, internal short circuit jump needle design, can easily switch 48 v and 60 v battery (72 v battery when ordering please explain in advance).

8, the system USES a fool type design, the user does not need any Settings.

9, the system USES RJ45 communication interface, realize remote monitoring.

10, one-click system reset function, the system is stable and add a layer of protection.

Product description

Status display

According to the content state State that
LED lamp red Solar panels to access

green The battery
Digital tube first b The battery voltage

c Solar panels as the input voltage

d Charging current

Product technical parameters
Solar panels open circuit voltage 16V~50V
MPPT voltage range 16V~45V
The MPPT efficiency ≥99%
The machine efficiency ≥95%
No-load loss < 5mA
Solar power input 18V250W、36V600W
Communication distance ≥5m
battery 48Vor60Vor72V
Over voltage protection 48Vhours58V,60Vhours72V,72Vhours87V
12VDCpower 6W
USB Charging power 5W
system reset One-click reset
Meter protection When the battery is negative reverse connection, the fuse will fuse, the user to replace 10. A, phi 5 x 20 glass tube fuse.
Working temperature -35℃To+65℃;
weight 1kg
size 153×111×43(mm)(length x width x height)
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