JCS (30A 12V/24V/48V) home system solar controller

Product function

1, the microprocessor control, the realization of intelligent control of charge and discharge

2, memory, controller after losing electricity to electricity, according to the pattern of work before losing electricity automatically

3, electric + control, within 1 hour and 15 hours can be set freely, to achieve timing refinement

4, with perfect battery charge and discharge protection function

5, has the battery open circuit, overvoltage, output short circuit protection function

6, with solar cells by the protection, the night the counter-attack charging function

7, under-voltage and over-voltage protection against shock, low no-load loss

8, temperature compensation function

Product description

Product technical parameters

model JCS4830 JCS2430 JCS1230
The system rated voltage 48V 24V 12V
Maximum input power 1440W 720W 360W
urrent charging 30A 30A 60A
discharge 20A 20A 20A
charging All charge 57.6V 28.8V 14.4V
restore 53.2V 26.6V 13.3V
floating 55.2V 27.6V 13.8V
Temperature compensation -72mV/℃ -36mV/℃ -18mV/℃
A put Disconnect the 43.2V 21.6V 10.81V
restore 50.0V 25.0V 12.5V
overpressure Cut off the 64.0V 32.0V 16.0V
restore 60.0V 30.0V 15.0V
No-load current ≤30mA ≤30mA ≤30mA
Electric drive voltage ≤16V ≤8V ≤4V
Optically controlled close voltage ≥32V ≥16V ≥8V
The largest open circuit voltage 100V 50V 30V
According to The liquid crystal
Working temperature -20℃~+55℃
Using an altitude ≤5500m(2000 m above the need to reduce power use)
Size and weight 180mmx108mmx55mm        1.2Kg
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