JN-T (10-30A 12V-48V) metal shell charged amount display solar controller

Product function
1. This controller is designed for household and street lamp.
2. this controller has 12V, 24V automatic recognition design.
3. the controller has the advantages of light and time control (lamp type).
4. the control has over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, reverse connection and other protective measures.
5. the controller has power down protection (that is, after the button is adjusted, the controller power down, it will save the last adjustment of the data).
6. with strong charge, balanced impulse, float three PWM regulating charging mode.
7. the controller has lightning protection design, prevent the electric current impact with a soft start function
Product description

Status indication

led lamp Instruction content state function
load green led Long bright Loads are output

Long out Load without output (electric)

flashing No output load (undervoltage)
battery red led Long long bright part (bright) Battery charge (25%-100%)

(4) Mobile flash Charging status
The product installation size and connection:

1, the installation environment: installed in a dry ventilated place.

2, the size of the installation (as shown in the figure below) note: fixed screw M3 * 10 specifications

3, connection method (as shown in figure)

A, first to answer the battery (positive) on the left connected correctly, digital tube appeared with the words' 1 'or' 2 ', '1' representative to 12 v system, '2' representative to 24 v system), after A few seconds, the LOAD, and power the light show. (street lamp type LOAD during the day is long, under voltage, over pressure LOAD long peg). Otherwise check the line.

B, then the panels (positive) on the left and right power monkey show began, into the charging status. Otherwise check the line.

C, the final load (light bulbs, the anode) on the left connected correctly, the light bulb glow (street lamp type long nights out, undervoltage, overvoltage out). Otherwise check the line.

Note: the ABC must be connected in sequence, otherwise it will damage the controller.

Product technical parameters
model JN-T(12V/24V20A) JN-T(12V/24V30A)
The system rated voltage
Maximum input power 240W/480W 360W/720W
current charging 20A 30A
discharge 20A 20A
charging All charge 14.4V/28.8V
restore 13.3V/26.6V
floating 13.8V/27.6V
Temperature compensation -72mV/℃ -36mV/℃
A put Disconnect the
restore 12.5V/25.0V
over pressure Cut off
restore 15.0V/30.0V
No-load current ≤30mA ≤30mA
Electric drive voltage ≤4V ≤8V
Optically controlled close voltage ≥8V ≥16V
The largest open circuit voltage 50V 30V
show Number of LED tube
Working temperature -20℃~+55℃
Using an altitude ≤5500m(2000 m above the need to reduce power use)
Size and weight 136mmx92mmx31mm        0.35Kg

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