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Analysis of the characteristics and main functions of the controller of solar street lamp

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  In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology and production technology and the progress of solar streetlight controller of solar power supply system is widely used in more and more industries, for example in our daily household solar power supply system and some commercial areas and factories of the solar power supply system, we can see the solar street lamp controller figure, even in traffic engineering, solar power system and communication engineering and pastoral areas are everywhere in the solar street lamp controller.
  1, so that the current constant current output. For the LED lamp, through technical means to achieve constant current or current limiting to ensure the normal work of the premise, but a power supply of LED constant current often applied in general, but it also increased the power loss.
  2, to control the time period. The controller of the solar street lamp can control the output current by the time period in advance.
  3, to adjust the output power. In the general application of solar street lamp should be set on the power, such as 30W, night morning street regulation adjustment to 15W energy saving, it can according to the current regulation of batteries, solar panels and the overall configuration of the budget, but also to extend the life of the LED lamp.
  Solar street lamp controller maintenance in its application has a very important position, through the reasonable order of daily maintenance can effectively avoid many unnecessary losses, or living needs, or some production needs can be solved effectively. Under such a precondition, we can reduce the risk by adjusting the related maintenance means and we can reduce the cost.
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