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Two types of photovoltaic power generation system

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  Off grid photovoltaic power generation system, grid connected photovoltaic power generation system is the two types of photovoltaic power generation system.
  (1) the composition and function of the off grid power generation system
  Off grid power generation system consists of power generation unit, solar controller, battery pack, such as load for AC load, but also need to configure the independent inverter. The function of the composition and components of the off grid power generation system is as follows.
  The power generating unit comprises a photovoltaic module and a wind power generator.
  The controller comprises a photovoltaic controller and a wind and solar complementary controller, whose main task is to regulate and control the electric energy. On the one hand, the adjusted energy to the DC load or AC load, on the other hand the excess energy to the battery storage when the electricity can not meet the needs of the load, the controller and the battery power sent to a load. After the battery is charged, the controller is to control the battery to be charged. When the battery is stored in the battery, the controller should control the battery is not over discharge, protect the battery. When the performance of the controller is not good, the service life of the battery is very good.
  Large, and ultimately affect the reliability of the system.
  The main task of the battery pack is to store energy in order to ensure that the load is used at night or in rainy days.
  The independent inverter is core component of grid system, responsible for the direct current into alternating current, AC load. The inverter is due to the relatively backward areas, remote, difficult to maintain, in order to improve the overall performance of photovoltaic wind power generation system, to ensure long-term stable operation of the power plant, puts forward a higher demand for the reliability of the inverter. In addition, due to the high cost of new energy power generation, the efficient operation of the inverter is also very important.
  (2) grid connected photovoltaic power generation system
  Grid connected photovoltaic power generation system is through the control of inverter and grid connected system of local power grid, can also for peak power by the power system of photovoltaic power redistribution.
  Grid connected generation system based on the power generated by the power can be returned to the power system, can be divided into counter current type, no counter current type, switch type, straight, AC type, mixed use type and geographical type, etc..
  The AC grid power system, the system is produced by photovoltaic systems of DC power supply equipment used directly. The system is sometimes used with power systems, the main purpose is to improve the reliability of power supply.
  The hybrid grid generation system when the solar photovoltaic power generation to provide electricity shortage (as in continuous rainy weather, winter sunshine time is too short, etc.) need to use other energy to supplement, can be wind power, fuel cell power generation system and other electrical systems and Guang Fufa, such a system is called a hybrid power generation system.
  A. solar photovoltaic, fuel cell generation system for the comprehensive utilization of energy, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of energy, save electricity, reduce environmental pollution, sometimes will fuel cell and solar photovoltaic power generation system connected together, forming a solar photovoltaic grid connected system, fuel cell.
  B. wind and light complementary power generation system when the power shortage by photovoltaic power generation to provide, can use wind power; when the wind power is insufficient, can the use of photovoltaic power generation, such system is called the wind and light complementary power generation system.
  Wind solar energy and wind power generation are used in the solar PV system, so the utilization of meteorological resources is more adequate. Can achieve day and night power generation. In the suitable weather conditions, the wind and solar hybrid system can improve the continuity and stability of the system. Due to the usual night without sunlight just wind is bigger, so complementary good, can reduce the solar panel configuration system, which greatly reduces the system cost, system capacity and power generation unit of initial investment cost is lower than that of independent photovoltaic system. The system can supply power to the power system when the system is more than capable of generating electricity; when the power supply is insufficient, the system can be supplied by the power grid system. Countercurrent type solar power system when a solar photovoltaic system of electric energy is abundant, the surplus electricity to power system, namely to grid power supply; when the power shortage to provide solar photovoltaic system, can buy electricity to the grid, namely the use of the external power supply system. This kind of system is called counter current grid connected power generation system.
  The non countercurrent type grid generation system of solar photovoltaic power generation system even if the power is not sufficient to power system of power supply, when the solar photovoltaic power generation system power supply is insufficient, can buy electricity from the power system. This kind of system is called a non - current - flow - connected power generation system.
  Switch type power generation system and the system can be divided into the following two types.
  A. switching type grid connected power system when cloudy, rainy night, lack of sunlight, or the battery capacity is insufficient, can automatically switch to the power system side by the power grid directly supply power to load. Design, if the use of large capacity battery, large investment costs; if the use of small capacity battery, the cost can be significantly reduced.
  When the power system is suddenly cut off by a variety of reasons, the photovoltaic system can automatically separate the power system from the photovoltaic system by the protection device of the power system due to the sudden power failure of the power system due to various reasons.
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