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Introduction of several modes of solar street lamp controller

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  The solar street lamp controller is mainly used in the solar power supply system such as the family, the commercial area, the factory, the transportation, the pastoral area, the communication and so on. The following small make up to briefly introduce the solar street lamp controller mode and wiring method:
  1, pure light control mode: when no sunlight intensity to the starting point, the controller recognizes the start signal after 10 minutes, according to the parameters set to open load, the load to work; when there is sunshine, light up to the starting point, the controller delay 10 minutes to confirm close signal output is off, stop working load.
  2, light and time control mode: start with the same pure light, when the load time is automatically shut down, set the time 1 ~ 14 hours.
  3, manual mode: in this mode, the user can control the load through the button on the open and close, regardless of whether in the day or at night. This mode is used for some special load occasions or when it is used for debugging.
  4, debugging mode: for the use of the system debugging, when the light signal that close the load, no light signal to open the load, convenient installation and debugging to check the correctness of the system installation.
  5, normally open mode: the load on the power output has been maintained, this mode is suitable for 24 hours of power supply load.
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