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Congratulations on the three level of safety production standardization enterprise evaluation

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  According to the notice of the State Administration of work safety "measures for the administration of production safety assessment standard enterprise" (Safety Supervision Office No. [2014]49) and the "Hefei metallurgy trade and industry scale enterprise safety production standardization construction work plan" (a Safety Office No. {2013}28) is required, the relevant provisions of the December 17, 2014, Hefei high tech Zone of Production Safety Supervision Management Bureau Green Energy Co chaired the meeting of the three class enterprise audit safety production standardization in Anhui Province under the fine gauge. Attend the meeting have high tech Zone of Changning community service center, Anhui Pacific Security Environment Science & Technology Consulting Co. Ltd., Anhui genergy green energy limited and invited experts a total of 13 people.
  A group of experts and delegates listened to Anhui fine to create safe production standardization work is introduced, and the evaluation unit of Anhui Daping environmental consulting firm is about to introduce fine assessment of enterprise safety production standardization review, according to the basic requirements of Anhui province "trade and industry scale enterprises safety production standardization (DB34/T1666-2012) of fine" the enterprise can conduct on-site inspection, access to relevant materials.
  The relevant units and invited experts to safety standardization assessment procedures and the selection criteria in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial of fine, fine running safety standardization system in normal, on-site audit of safety production standardization reached three enterprises create requirements agreed to by.
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