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2015JingNengspring outing——“wanfo lake”

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    Thank you for your efforts and dedication, and further motivate the team, Anhui can all the staff of the organization in April 18th to Wanfo Lake Scenic Area in spring.
  Wanfo Lake scenic area is located in the territory of Anhui County of Shucheng Province, Chinese is the first in Anhui province's first "national AAAA class tourist area, Chinese first" National Water Conservancy Scenic Area ", was awarded the title of" national sector afforestation best 400 "and" 95 "of Anhui Province Tourism reception contribution award. Chinese and foreign tourists to her "Anhui Qiandao Lake" reputation, its annual tourists trips have been among the forefront of Anhui province scenic spots.
  All the staff, by luxury bus arrived in the WAN fohu scenic area. The sail along longitudinal islands, and enjoy the feeling of great engineering of Wanfo lake, feel the natural aura.
  Wanfo Lake scenic area with its broad mind, mountain, water, fountain, island, stone, cliffs, wall, pool, cave, forest, fish in one, the formation of the enchanting scene, colorful fairyland. The trip to avoid noise, into nature, make physical and mental fatigue relax well, let nature atmosphere and mysterious to massage our hearts, let the company whether leadership or staff have calm and optimistic attitude and positive spirit to face the work.
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