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AnhuiJingNeng debut SNEC (2015) ninth Shanghai international PV Exhibition

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    Our company has participated in the eighth (2015) international solar energy industry and photovoltaic engineering (Shanghai) exhibition and seminar on April 28, 2015 -30.
  Exhibition address: Shanghai New International Expo Center
  Booth No.: E6 255
  [introduction] this exhibition exhibition is sponsored by the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), China Renewable Energy Society (CRES), China Association of resources comprehensive utilization of renewable energy Specialized Committee (CREIA), Shanghai science and Technology Development Center (SSTDEC), Shanghai City Federation of economic organizations (SFEO), Shanghai new energy Industry Association (SNEIA co sponsored). Is one of the International Photovoltaic brand show the largest and most influential worldwide, more than 1800 well-known exhibitors showcasing the new technology, the global solar industry and photovoltaic engineering new achievements from 90 countries and regions.
  On the morning of 28, our staff has to make preparations for the exhibition in the exhibition site, products include: (scenery complementary street lamp controller, 10KW controller, scenery complementary solar street lamp controller, photovoltaic controller, the sine wave inverter, household solar power generation system) to attract new and old customers at home and abroad to visit the boom. And through our staff to explain to the scene of the audience left a deep impression.
  The exhibition, I Division staff said the benefit of a lot of people, through a pleasant exchange with customers, learned a lot of things. Companies adhering to the "integrity, innovation, professionalism, cooperation," the spirit of enterprise, to create high-quality energy, green energy. Provide system design, quality installation and technical improvement solutions services for customers, improve customer satisfaction and the public, to build the company into a global awareness of the new energy enterprises, greater contribution to society.
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