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Essence can be rated as Hefei City, "science and technology small giant" nurturing Enterprises

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    Recently, Anhui fine energy company won the Hefei high tech Industrial Technology Development Zone, the Sixth Batch of "science and technology small giant" to cultivate the honorary title of the enterprise, this award will be the Anhui fine can leapfrog development.
  In order to further expand the Hefei high tech Zone industrial scale, around the construction of smart city, to build Jianghuai Silicon Valley "strategic objectives, foster a number of independent innovation capacity, the income scale more than 100 million yuan in the enterprise of science and technology, Hefei high tech Zone to start the Sixth Batch of small giant enterprises to declare the work of cultivation technology. The district science and Technology Commission, the area committee recommended, the expert review, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly approved, ultimately, Anhui Genergy Green Energy Co., Ltd was awarded the cultivation of enterprises in Hefei city high tech Industrial Development Zone Science and technology group of sixth little giant.
  Anhui fine energy company as a leading brand in the industry, has been the development of technological innovation for the vitality of the high quality of products to survive, for many years by the majority of domestic and foreign customers. The honor is another milestone in the history of the company's development, will be able to leapfrog development once again to help.
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