Distributed PV loans want to break the ice of a number of banks to launch related businesses


  In the context of the increasingly tight energy supply and environmental problems, the development of new energy sources has become an important energy strategy. Photovoltaic, wind power, nuclear energy, biomass and other new energy sources, solar energy is easy to obtain, which makes the photovoltaic in the new energy industry has the most potential for development. Public information shows that in the past ten years, the annual growth rate of PV market has reached more than 20%.
  A new round of industry reshuffle imminent 2016 PV revitalized
  The curtain opened from a new round of power system reform, to a series of supporting documents issued in 2015, the top-level design of new electricity introduced into the tonic for the development of photovoltaic industry. The priority for the purchase of electricity, power generation have been redefined, clearly put forward to give priority in wind and solar power, biomass and other renewable energy "first generation" and "priority" rights, so that the new energy has been the high cost in market competition has the disadvantage of the protection of the planned power "".
  Public data from the National Energy Bureau show that in 2015, China's photovoltaic power generation capacity of 15 million 130 thousand kilowatts, the total installed capacity reached 43 million 180 thousand kilowatts, surpassing Germany solar PV installed first in the world. After experiencing the hardships in 2012, 2013, 2014 for two consecutive years of price war, China's photovoltaic industry has finally been a strong rebound in 2015. Although still in the abandoned light power, "double reverse survey problem, but in a series of policies to support the impact of energy transformation and vigorously promote clean energy development, the prospect of China's photovoltaic industry is remarkable.
  China photovoltaic industry association secretary general Wang Bohua pointed out that in 2015, the majority of photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises profitable situation significantly improved, and the top ten of the component companies average gross profit margin of more than 15%.
  Step into a period of rapid development
  National energy secretary Nur Bekri has publicly said that in recent years, China's rapid development of photovoltaic power generation, energy production and consumption as a major highlight of the transformation of the way. "13th Five-Year" period, the photovoltaic power generation Chinese each year will add 15 million to 20 million kilowatts, continue to maintain strong growth in the world's most.
  The so-called photovoltaic solar power generation system, which is referred to, is a kind of semiconductor material using solar cell photovoltaic effect, the solar radiation is converted to electrical energy supply, including operate independently and grid connected in two ways.
  News reports from the authority of the media said recently, Nur Bekri pointed out that since 2008, the photovoltaic cell output of China has eight consecutive years ranked first in the world, as the cumulative PV products provide the global more than 70%. Since 2013, the new photovoltaic power generation for 3 consecutive years China capacity more than 10 million kilowatts, is the world's largest photovoltaic market. At present, the photovoltaic power generation has formed a diversified pattern, but also the combination of photovoltaic power generation and poverty alleviation, opening up a variety of "PV +" Application of the new model.
  According to the national energy board data show that as of the end of 2015, China's total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation capacity of 43 million 180 thousand kilowatts, becoming the world's largest photovoltaic power generation capacity of the country. Last year, the country's new installed capacity of 15 million 130 thousand kilowatts, accounting for more than 1/4 of the global new installed. Not only that, Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association released a report predicts that China's new PV installed capacity in 2016 is expected to reach more than 20 million kilowatts.
  In this regard, senior industry analyst Cha Lixia pointed out that in recent years, in the new national energy strategy, the government to increase subsidies for photovoltaic industry, at the same time, the capital market is also aimed at the beginning of the photovoltaic industry, and domestic electricity costs decline, which became the main reason for the rapid development of photovoltaic industry in china."
  In addition, in the eyes of Cha Li, the photovoltaic and the combination of poverty, this new mode of application of the Construction Funds Centralized roof photovoltaic power station and power station Co., the stable and long-term gains can solve the problem of income of village collective income and poor households, is a new kind of precise poverty alleviation mode.
  Survival of the fittest into the new normal
  Good news more than that. Recently, rumors of a photovoltaic industry, prepared by the certification center and China photovoltaic power investment and financing alliance "photovoltaic power station evaluation standard" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard"), after more discussion and revision, is expected to be officially released in the near future implementation.
  Certification Center Director Qin Haiyan said, after the implementation of standards, will fill China's photovoltaic power plant in the rating method, technology assessment, online data and other aspects of the regulatory gaps, open up the closed-loop assets assessment of photovoltaic power plants and financing transactions.
  Obviously, from the current received feedback information, the application of the specification to achieve the desired results." Deputy director of Certification Center Ji Zhenshuang has introduced to the quality evaluation of a power plant construction as an example, the operating units according to the detection and evaluation results, is a subsystem of power plant problems was improved; two is to adjust and enrich the monitoring index of the operation state in power plant; the three is to improve the relevant system of power plant construction.
  In the industry view of Qian Jing, the "norm" generally will have an impact on the industry from four aspects: first, for the construction units to seek excellent power plant construction side offers quantitative and visual basis; secondly, the incentive power plant construction units, design units, supervision units to improve the service level, to create more opportunities for cooperation for power plant the construction units outstanding; thirdly, the phasing out of inferior units; fourth, to the operation of the power station units to provide different operational guidance for different power plants, through the evaluation of power plant, power plant optimization adjustment and guide the expansion, can enhance the operational units of the power performance and service quality in a certain extent.
  The comprehensive efficiency index can objectively and comprehensively reflect the performance and power quality of power plant, and is supported by data reflects China's past power plant construction, there are few enterprises to evaluate the energy of the power plant, thus causing the charge doping too much with consciousness, caused by a power plant, different people evaluate the degree will be different; moreover, the 'norms' evaluation index into series, can objectively reflect the station where the advantage, disadvantage in which can make the adjustment and optimization of power plant do.
  Technology upgrade plus overseas layout
  Although the size of China's photovoltaic power generation is larger, but its technological progress has yet to be accelerated." The Bureau of energy new energy and renewable energy division deputy director Liang Zhipeng said, in 2015 started the "solar leader" plan is to promote the technology to accelerate progress. A new batch of "photovoltaic technology" base project is expected to recently introduced, the project number is about 4 - 5.
  "Photovoltaic photovoltaic energy bureau leader" plan is to support the special plan, the implementation of advanced technology through the construction of photovoltaic power generation demonstration base, the application of new technology demonstration project, project using advanced technology products. Monitoring and assessment of qualified, advanced technology products leader will be in the national project is preferred.
  In 2015, the first "photovoltaic leader" project started in Shanxi Datong project planning, base with a total of 3 million kilowatts, the first phase of the project a total of 15 projects, the construction of 1 million kilowatts. According to reports, the first phase of the project is expected to be completed in the year.
  Liang Zhipeng said the next step will be to promote overseas manufacturing of photovoltaic devices, and in order to promote the development of China's new energy manufacturing globalization. "In the future, not only made in China, but also to overseas manufacturing, to the layout of other countries, especially in other Asian countries should have more layout."
  Nur Bekri also said that Chinese with rich experience in the development and utilization of photovoltaic manufacturing, product cost-effective, construction capacity, Energy Bureau will actively support the development of related industries to go out, the establishment of photovoltaic manufacturing system in more areas.