MPPT high end type 24V wind solar hybrid street lamp controller


Product introduction
Scenery complementary controller is specially designed for wind energy, solar power systems; Integrating wind control, solar intelligent controller. Equipment can not only efficiently convert electrical energy given out by the wind turbines and solar panels to charge battery, but also provides a powerful control functions.

Traditional controller can not charge under low wind speed, the controller has the function of booster, MPPT function, make more full use of wind power.

The performance characteristics and protection function

Pieces of intelligent design, simple structure, control, powerful, stable performance, safe and reliable products.

Choose MPPT fan charging ways, charging efficiency than conventional PWM method has more advantages

Choose large size LCD display, all parameters are visible when the users use

Humanized button operation function, all parameters can adjust itself according to the requirements of customers, convenience for the customers in various environments

Choose PWM stepless unloading way mixer, external unloading box alternatives to traditional radiator cooling.

In pieces with multiple output state setting function, often power/power/period of time the custom properties

Pieces battery voltage and charging current, liquid crystal display (LCD) key adjustment parameters.

Pieces of digital intelligent control.

In pieces perfect protection function.

Product description

Product technical parameters

The system rated voltage
12V 24V 24V 24V
Photovoltaic (pv) power component
1500W 200W 250W 300W
Wind power generator
300W 400W 500W 600W
charging charging 30A 25A 30A 37.5A

The average charging protection
14.4V±1% 28.8V±1%

floating charging
13.8V±1% 27.6V±1%

All charge recovery 13.2V±1%

Temperature compensation -24mV/℃

Disconnect (dc) 10.8V±1%

Recovery (dc) 12.3V±1%

Cut off (dc) 16V±1%

Recovery (dc) 15V±1%

No-load current (dc) ≤0.1A
Voltage drop (dc) ≤0.5V
The control mode Fan low voltage charging function, the MPPT solar charging ways, PWM uninstall feature, PWM flow current limiting function
Display mode LCD liquid crystal
Display parameters Voltage, battery capacity, charging status
Protection type Lightning protection, solar cells, the counter-attack filling protection, open circuit protection battery, battery protection, wind speed and over voltage soft brake protection, overload protection, etc.
The cooling way radiator
The environment temperature -25℃~+55℃
Using an altitude ≤5500m(2000 m above the need to reduce power use)
Environmental humidity 0~90%,No condensation
weight 1.15KG
Overall dimensions long165×wide140×high64(MM)

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