High end type photovoltaic controller 96V


performance characteristics

Excellent thermal design and air cooling control

, high efficient PWM charging ways

Variety of load control method, enhanced the flexibility of the system

Battery charging parameters can be set up

, any combination of photovoltaic module and storage battery reverse automatic protection function, no damage to any device

Adopt traditional LCD liquid crystal display and keyboard design, convenient to check the running parameters of the controller, can bring the output, need to customize.

Product description

Product technical parameters
Electrical parameters described The specific parameters
Nominal system voltage 96VDC
Charging current rating 50A、100A、150A、200A
Battery terminals maximum allowable voltage 140V
The largest pv input voltage 200VDC
Minimum pv input voltage 116VDC
The largest photovoltaic power input 19.2kw
Static loss <0.2A
Charging circuit of pressure drop ≤0.5V
Discharge circuit of pressure drop ≤0.5V
battery Control parameters
Over-voltage disconnect 120V
Charging voltage limit 126V
The overpressure disconnect recovery voltage V
The equilibrium voltage ——
Increase the voltage 113.6V
Float charging voltage 110.4V
Under voltage disconnect recovery voltage 100V
Under voltage disconnect voltage 86.4V
Duration of equilibrium ——
Increase the duration of the 2 hours
Environmental parameters The parameter value
Working environment temperature range -35℃TO+55℃
Storage temperature range -35℃TO+80℃
Humidity range 10%-90%No condensation
Protection grade IP30
The altitude ≤3000m
The mechanical parameters The parameter value
Overall dimensions 355*273*142(mm)
The installation hole size 295mm x 353mm
The installation hole size Φ7
terminal 24mm2
The net weight 7.5kg
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