Boost solar constant with small current integrated machine


Main features
1 new wireless remote control design, through the handheld devices can modify the control parameters.
2 with high performance LED constant current drive power supply, the maximum efficiency of the constant current source is up to 95%.
3 data communication adopts many times of handshake protocol and data compression algorithm, which makes the data transmission accurate and fast.
4 the controller has the function of automatically adjusting the light, and it will automatically adjust the output power of the load end with the decrease of the battery voltage. The load is extended working time effectively, ensure that when a long continuous overcast and rainy days, the battery will not cause the light under pressure.
5 Four 4 hours of light design, working hours 0-15 hours can be set, the power of 0%-100% can be set up;
6 to improve the three section of the charging algorithm, once a week to charge a balanced battery, effectively prevent the battery and the phenomenon of uneven, improve the battery life.
7 controller battery plate and battery positive electrode. The current that flows out of the positive electrode of the battery plate is directly into the positive electrode of the battery, and the controller's life is greatly improved without passing through the internal circuit of the controller.
8.IP68 waterproof grade, aluminum shell design, can effectively prevent all kinds of corrosion.
9 battery over charge, over discharge, reverse connection protection; LED short circuit protection, open circuit protection, etc.; TVS first class lightning protection.
Product description

Installation and wiring

 1.  Controller installed to secure, the size is as follows:
  Dimension: 102 * 81 * 19.6 (mm); Installation size: 60 x 76.27 (mm); Install the aperture: 3.5 (mm)
 Jacqueline Nottingham - W/H series controller can work under 12 v or 24 v system voltage, when use, please pick up the load. Two lines connecting the load on the right side of the red and black
  Load requirements:

Voltage grade Lamp bead series number Lamp bead number of parallel Rated power
12V 5-10string 1-10parallel 80W
24V 10-20string 1-10parallel 160W

    Note: due to the rated power limitation, 12 v system, for example, 10 string can be at most 6 and (1 w per lamp bead, special circumstances please order before), and so on.
  Note: 1, be sure to pick up the load first, to prevent the controller output open circuit, the controller must recognize the negative drive to work.
  2, load led parallel and serial must meet the above requirements, or damage to the lamps and lanterns.
  (3) to connect the battery "+" extremely: please send batteries, photovoltaic cells look extremely respectively with that of the controller are extreme (on the left side of the red line) connected together.
  4. Connect the battery very: "-" if the connection is correct, the controller will flashing lights, LED lights delay for a few seconds, otherwise, please check whether the connection is correct
  5. Connect the solar panels very: "-" if there is sunshine, the solar panels will bright lights, LED lights out after, otherwise, please check whether the connection is correct.

Product technical parameters
Model JN-W/H
Battery voltage grade 12V/24V
Charging current rating 5A/10A/15A
Discharge current Can be set by remote control, range 0.33A~2.66A, default: 0.33A
Rated power

12V->40W/×2/24V ->80W

Open-circuit voltage of solar energy  < 55v  
Short circuit protection  4.5A/10uS  
 Equalization charging voltage
14.7V,×2/24V(25),Maintenance time: 1 hours
Floating pressure  Can be set by remote control, default:12V->13.8V/×2/24V ->27.6
Lifting charge voltage
Can be set by remote control, default:12V->14.4V/×2/24V ->28.8
Over discharge return voltage
Can be set by remote control, default:12V->12.5V/×2/24V ->25.0
Over discharge protection
Can be set by remote control, default:12V->1O.8V/×2/24V ->21.6
Turn-on pressure by light controll  Can be set by remote control, default:12V->4.0V/×2/24V ->8.0V
Turn-off pressure by light controll  12V->8.OV/×2/24V ->16.0V
Temperature compensation -4.0mv/℃/2V
Current accuracy
No-load loss
< 25mA
The number of lamp series
12V->1-3 / 24V>4 ~ 6 
Working temperature   -35℃To+65℃;
Protection grade  IP68  
weight 0.15Kg 

75×81×20(mm) (length * width * height)

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