Street lamp technological process


  1.1 pole
  In the whole process of feeding, using the number of automatic plasma cutting, cutting fine, not more than 1mm, to create a lot of favorable conditions for the subsequent process.
  1.2 forming
  The 12 meter long CNC hydraulic bending machine, high precision control, pole shaping, roundness is not greater than 1mm, the appearance of smooth, forming a more than 12 meters.
  1.3 welding
  The use of CNC automatic welding machine. This device in closing, welding functions, the need to overcome the traditional closed welding and affecting the integrity of whole weld; weld a forming, surface uniformity, linearity is not more than 2 per thousand.
  1.4 shaping
  The company in the entire production process, two plastic. The first time in the pole longitudinal seam welding seam after completion, consistency for appearance pole group welding correctness and batch pole; second times in galvanized, spray before, for the elimination of hot galvanizing due to thermal stress caused by bending pole. Ensure product pole straightness is not greater than 1 per thousand, a total length of not more than 5mm.
  1.5 galvanized
  The use of advanced technology and galvanizing technology, advanced equipment and solve the galvanized steel, aluminum spray and spray zinc is a combination of physical, not the formation of zinc titanium alloy metal poor adhesion, short service life.
  The company has fundamentally solved the following aspects of the problem.
  (1) the Shanghai Baosteel company made a special SS400 steel (mechanical properties than Q235), changed the texture of steel plate.
  (2) the strict management of zinc plating process, according to the national standard GB/T13912-92, the technical parameters of pickling, galvanizing temperature and other strict checks.
  (3) good galvanized to ensure corrosion life of more than 30 years.
  1.6 spray
  (1) strictly comply with the requirements after galvanizing spray process, the rod body spray spray technology, to increase the adhesion and damage of hot galvanized layer.
  (2) to strictly control the curing time and curing temperature, to ensure that the plastic layer is uniform, smooth, without pores.
  1.7 match door
  (1) the distribution of CNC plasma cutting machine cutting, has advantages of high precision, small cutting, and the rod body all blend into one harmonious whole.
  (2) the rod door is equipped with a grounding device and a ground wire.